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Our new online personalised brochure service enables you to select bulls using a wide variety of traits, specific to your needs!

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Watch our video to find out how to create your personalised brochure!

Download speeds will vary depending on your internet speeds - we recommend to download around 6 - 10 of your favourite bulls at a time.

Telephone your breeding adviser for assistance on 01823 430317


Making your Bull selection easier...

Download our new spreadsheet and simply filter on the relevant trait columns.

Telephone your breeding adviser for assistance on 01823 430317

About Mastergen

Mastergen has been created to take advantage of the demand for the best value genetics through direct marketing and the exciting opportunities which genomics brings to the AI industry.

Our portfolio of Holstein bulls supplied to us by one of Europe’s largest farmer co-ops Masterrind, have been sourced from countries throughout Europe, North America, Canada and a large number from the UK. Our range includes Genomic, Proven and some interesting Polled bulls from some of the most exciting and elite cow families around the world.

Mastergen supply British Blues from the Twyning Ash herd, one of the most reliable sources in the UK. We also supply a unique range of Homozygous polled beef breeds including Simmental, Limousin and Charolais.

Our latest news

Dam: WEU Cameo EX92-2E (4th Lac)


Tuesday 2nd August 2016

Mozarella continues to be one of Mastergen’s top selling bulls. Since his release in 2015 as the No 1 Foot & Leg sire, he has been used heavily across some of the top herds in the country. VIEW THE LATEST UK PROGENY LIST HERE Mozarella’s Dam, WEU Cameo EX92-2E continues to impress with her solid production and high Fat and…

Anna McLauchlan
Anna McLauchlan
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Dam - Ms Bikasa Atwood Briley VG87

Mastergen launches the first online tailor-made bull brochures

Monday 1st August 2016

Cattle genetics company, Mastergen, is leading the way for the breeding industry with the launch of the first tailor-made, downloadable bull brochures for every one of its customers. The initiative comes at a time when farmers are confronted with more information than ever before, yet have less time available, making the business of sire selection…

Anna McLauchlan
Anna McLauchlan
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