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Q : Why are your bulls so cheap ?

A : We prefer to say incredible value!

We operate by telephone and internet only, which means our sales operation is low-cost and efficient. The savings we make, by not sending reps to farms can equate to approximately £5 per straw on like for like bulls.


Q : Do low prices reflect the quality of bull?

A : Absolutely not!

We are supplied by Masterrind in Germany, Semenzoo in Italy and Aberekin in Spain for our dairy bulls, 3 extremely reliable, quality European studs we have dealt with before through World Wide Sires at Dairy Daughters.

We could charge more for our bulls but we are not in the business of inflating prices for the sake of it, which is good news for UK farmers, especially at the moment in the current climate.

We pride ourselves on offering the best quality products and the best value prices.


Q : So, will I get a quality service from you?

A : Definitely!

The team at Mastergen have extensive experience in the industry, having previously worked for Dairy Daughters and Cogent for a short while, so you will always get honest, quality advice, transparent pricing and excellent customer service. Our customers are of the utmost importance to us, which is why most of our customers return to us time and time again.


Q: Can you send me a brochure please?

A : Of course!

First of all we need you to tell us your exact criteria as we now make tailored brochures specific to your needs.

There are so many bulls available so it’s our aim to make the selection process easier and quicker for you.

Our customers love this new and original approach.


Q : Isn’t it time you switched to Mastergen?

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