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Uno x EX91 Baxter x EX91 Goldwyn x 6 Gens VG/EX Converse Judy familySexedULTRA™
  • The UK's most popular bull
  • +1725 UK daughters registered in the last year!
  • No 2 Proven Udder bull in Italy
  • Excellent Sire conception rates
Conv. List Price £18.00
Sexed List Price £35.00
Sexed 4M Price £37.50
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General Information
Herdbook Number:72033990287543
A.I. Code:HO4897
Proof Run Date:April 2019
Proof Data Source:Holstein UK and AHDB Dairy
Milk:+447 kg A2A2
Fat:+13.1 kg (-0.05%)
Protein:+14.9 kg (+0.01%)
Daughters/Herds:1034 / 335 (82% Reliable)
PLI:£370 (80% Reliable)
Health Traits
Fertility Index:+2.3
Direct Calving Ease %:-0.4%
Maternal Calving Ease %:+0.6%
TB Advantage:+1.8
Management Traits
Lameness Advantage:+2.4
Calf Survival:+1.0
Dairy Carcase Index:-1.1
Bull Description
This outstanding proven sire has impressed sire analysts across Italy. Sired by Numero Uno, the former No.1 Genomic sire in Europe and backed by the renowned cow family of the Judys, there is no doubt that this great sire will be a reliable choice!

His Dam, All. Nure Baxter Silky EX90 was also a breed leader ranking as the former No,1 GTPI cow in Europe; This impressive Baxter daughter is also backed by an EX91 dam followed by a further 7 generations of VG/EX Dams.

Secretariat’s daughters are of average stature, oozing power and strength throughout their deep barrelled frames, they have an ideal slope to the rump with extreme rump width. Daughters also have excellent high, well attached snug udders and great teat length. Daughters are functional, profitable cows which are easy to get back in calf.

Secretariat’s new Type score of +3.01 reflects the key traits identified for breeding the perfect modern dairy cow.

Type Conformation Reliability 76% — 808 Daughters in 273 Herds
Type Merit +3.01
Mammary +2.65
Legs & Feet +1.18
Stature +1.37
Chest Width -0.03
Body Depth +0.36
Angularity +1.06
Rump Angle +0.50
Rump Width +2.60
Rear Leg Side +0.42
Foot Angle +0.64
Fore Udd Att +2.14
Rear Udd Ht +3.43
Udder Supp +3.85
Udder Depth +1.56
Front Teat Pl +0.32
Teat Length +1.46
Rear Teat Pl +2.11
Teat Pos Side +1.06
Temperament +1.36
Ease of Milk +1.55
Locomotion +2.04
Cond Score -0.50

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