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ACTOR RED Clearance 930.911.610.69142-0.03-0.05-2.10.9
AERONAUT New 6512.182.851.816720.010.0710.61.5
ALL.NURE WENDAT 7941.431.380.96974-
AMADEUS PP Beef 00000000N/A N/A
ANDI 00000000N/A N/A
AVATAR RED -11.221.611.2913-0.09-0.011.2-0.3
BABACOOL Beef 00000000N/A N/A
BBG MIX 3 Beef 00000000N/A N/A
BENGAL Beef 00000000N/A N/A
BORMIO 00000000N/A
BOSS PP Beef 00000000N/A N/A
BOUNDLESS Clearance 5031.871.741.027300.070-1.70.7
BRADASH APEX BFE95 130.680.87-0.23159-0.050.02-3.50.9 N/A
BUCHEUR D'ACHET Beef New 00000000N/A N/A
CAPETOWN Clearance 4990.741.710.03803- N/A
CHEAP TRICK New 00000000N/A N/A
CHECKTER P 00000000N/A
COPYLAND 6161.932.021.2375600.054.61.2
COVERBOY 7911.141.490.638340.120.0492.0
CRAZY HORSE New 00000000N/A
DADA PP Beef 00000000N/A N/A
DARLINGO 1111.952.032.62187-0.18-0.03-0.26.9
DEHORNER Pp Beef 00000000N/A
DESIGN 00000000N/A
DICE RED -2790.531.860.35131-0.27-0.1-11.44.2
Ding Valley OLIVER Beef 00000000N/A N/A
DINO PP 5222.31.771.916600.000.08-1.82.3
DOBOY 00000000N/A
DONIER PP 00000000N/A
DORANDO 4831.962.201.58512-
DRAGON P Clearance 5080.931.91-0.094280.
EGOIST 00000000N/A N/A
ENSBACH New 00000000N/A N/A
ERASMUS Beef 00000000N/A N/A
ETTRICK Clearance 407-0.130.84-0.79636-0.010.0161.5 N/A
FRANCESCO New 7741.942.11.354150.
FRANKY Clearance 4690.491.16-0.015680.05- N/A
FREEWOOD P Clearance 5811.751.691.097360.
GAITAN PP Beef 00000000N/A N/A
GALENO P Clearance 4351.951.941.583690.09030.0
GENERAL Clearance 5890.730.861.3485300.06-0.70.0 N/A
GLACON Beef 00000000N/A N/A
GRANDPRIX Clearance -761.52.31.2-45-0.03-0.01-8.53.2 N/A
GRANITO Clearance 496-
GRANT Beef New 00000000N/A N/A
GREATBOY Clearance 4710.631.950.663380.
HAALAND PP Beef 00000000N/A N/A
HALLODRI PP New 00000000N/A N/A
HANANS STAR 2591.5821.61370.080.06-2.82.3
HASHTAG Beef 00000000N/A
HATTRICK PP 1150001400.090.010N/A N/A
HAVEL P New 00000000N/A N/A
HAWAII PP Clearance 4061.071.011.06467- N/A
HELIOS PP Beef 00000000N/A N/A
HELVYN Beef 00000000N/A N/A
HIMMEL 00000000N/A N/A
HISPANO PP 00000000N/A N/A
HONZA PP 00000000N/A
HURLEY 7141.662.21.177530.
HYPERION New 00000000N/A
IMPREVU Beef 00000000N/A N/A
INNOCENT 5611.491.541.248250.
ITOMAYBI Beef 00000000N/A N/A
JAMESON Clearance 4242.263.240.752950.010.07-7.60.4
JEANJO ALEX 6166 00000000N/A N/A
JEREMIAH 00000000N/A
JET 00000000N/A
JORDY P 00000000N/A
JOYSTICK P Beef 00000000N/A N/A
JULIUS 1342.22.62.4141-0.040.01-1.8N/A
JUNIOR PP Beef 00000000N/A N/A
JURI 00000000N/A
JUSTINUS PP Beef 00000000N/A N/A
KALINKO Clearance 6930.951.370.577930.
KASPER Beef 00000000N/A N/A
KENNI PP Beef 00000000N/A N/A
KINDHEART Clearance 6600.491.03-0.01879-0.0106.60.7
KINGMASTER 3551.982.271.76534-0.12-
KINGSLEY 4231.511.821.611040.190.14-0.21.8 N/A
LASCARO Beef 00000000N/A N/A N/A
LBB RALICE 00000000N/A
LEMMI PP Beef 00000000N/A N/A
LEROY Beef 00000000N/A N/A
LETSGO 4351.732.271.38461-
LIWAY SIL 3642.32.843.14433-0.06- N/A
LUKE PP 00000000N/A
MAGISTO Beef 00000000N/A N/A
MAKAOS PP Beef 00000000N/A
MANDAY PP Beef 00000000N/A N/A
MANTEGO New 7740.971.030.438420.050.0953.9
MARLOS Beef New 00000000N/A N/A
MASK RED 6111.391.11.714470.
MASTINO PP Beef 00000000N/A
MAT RED P New 5951.011.410.415880.030.055.2-1.2
MAURICE PP New 00000000N/A
MAYA PP 00000000N/A
METER P 00000000N/A
MIGHTY Beef 00000000N/A N/A
MILKA PP 145000398-0.17-0.010N/A
MOJITO PP New 00000000N/A
MONET PP New 00000000N/A
MONOPOLY Beef 00000000N/A N/A
MOTIV P 00000000N/A N/A
MOZARELLA Clearance 2580.81.171-1260. N/A
NEIL Beef 00000000N/A
NEREWATER JACKPOT BFE93 891.361.710.33183-0.04- N/A
NESONO PP Beef 00000000N/A
NILWAY 2552.63.92.4693-
NINO Beef 00000000N/A N/A
NOOP Beef 00000000N/A N/A
ORAGE Beef 00000000N/A N/A
PARADIS 00000000N/A N/A
PARIS Clearance 5360.71.570.36373-0.010.0413.81.1
PATCHARAN Beef 00000000N/A
PEAK PHARELL Clearance 5161.181.650.864380. N/A
PEAK POKEMON Clearance 7461.261.330.537740.080.035-0.5 N/A
PEAK RAINOW Clearance 7620.881.440.337090.
PEAK RING 6791.451.480.798560.130.04-2.62.0
PEAK ROVER 70211.740.655240.
PEAK SAIKO New 7290.770.630.467800.050.0581.4
PEAK SUSIC New 75711.060.56200.
PELLEGRINO Clearance 6821.212.010.73840-0.03-
PIANO 5221.231.591.07517-
PIROL PP Beef 00000000N/A N/A
PLATINI 00000000N/A
POMPADOUR Clearance 6860.730.920.617420.
POSEIDON P New 00000000N/A
POWER RED 3461.692.521.83512-0.18-
PRIMUS PP Beef 00000000N/A
PRO DEO P Beef 00000000N/A N/A
PROOF Beef New 00000000N/A N/A
PROSECCO 6291.612.170.63837-
PYDROO Beef New 00000000N/A N/A
RABIN Beef 00000000N/A N/A
RANDOM RED New 6911.331.791.128650.
RASTOR P 4032.12.990.78435-0.030.0813.0
REBCHEDDAR -15000-2320.160.14.3-4.3 N/A
RENAULT PP Clearance 4461.271.290.82637-0.0705.31.6 N/A
RIDERCUP 7541.421.830.718210.
RIESLING 00000000N/A
RIO Beef New 00000000N/A N/A
ROCKSTONE Clearance 4870.911.390.363380.
ROMELU PP Beef 00000000N/A N/A
RUPERT PP Beef 00000000N/A N/A
SAFARI RED Clearance 5951.491.571.21704-0.08-
SALAH New 7900.701.050.847420.
SALOMON 00000000N/A N/A
SAM PP New 00000000N/A
SAVE RED Clearance 5011.280.571.3784-0.03-
SAVIGNY 00000000N/A
SAY RED PP 4181.881.452.22430-
SINEL 00000000N/A
SMITH P New 7230.720.730.566450.
SNOOPY New 00000000N/A
SOLDADO 6440.881.690.167330.
SOLITO RED 5412.853.133.06571-0.02-
SOUNDBAR Clearance 4630.551.350.397630.10.01-0.52.2 N/A
SPEEDY P New 7021.261.680.245150.270.0832.1
SPENCER P 00000000N/A N/A
SPICY RED 2572.1932.03658-0.11-0.13-3.62.0
SPITFIRE 5642.822.612.247810-0.06-0.22.0
SPLINK New 7591.0810.585820.
SPOT RF New 4771.962.11.14665-0.030-0.31.3
STAHL 00000000N/A N/A
STARBOY New 7411.131.560.756910.
STRASS 00000000N/A N/A
SUPERBOY New 00000000N/A
SUPERTRAMP New 00000000N/A
SUPREME 00000000N/A
SYMBOL RED Clearance 5811.431.191.635020.06-
TALICO P New 00000000N/A
TALISMAN Beef 00000000N/A N/A
TANTUM Clearance 2650.823.030.25282- N/A
THOR New 00000000N/A
THORE PP Beef 00000000N/A
TIGERMAN 7331.040.761.549020.05010.5-0.3
TIME OUT 00000000N/A N/A
TITANIUM New 00000000N/A
TOP GUN 00000000N/A
TOPMODEL 4631.251.580.493880.
TOPSTONE 6941.680.921.76851-
TORPHY PP Beef 00000000N/A
TRIPOLI New 00000000N/A
Twyning Ash FERRYMAN Beef 00000000N/A N/A
Twyning Ash MAGIC Beef 00000000N/A N/A
Twyning Ash OSKAR Beef 00000000N/A N/A
TYSON RED New 5391.431.961.225670.020.04-0.70.5
VERDISO Clearance 3352.132.421.57541-0.020.07-1.51.6 N/A
VERRATI Beef 00000000N/A N/A
VIALO PP 00000000N/A
VISCONTI 2600.810.8669-0.11-0.08-4N/A N/A
VOLARIS PP 00000000N/A N/A
WANTED P New 00000000N/A
WAY MAKER 3792.192.831.85778-0.110.01-32.4
WEBEX 00000000N/A
WEIDWERK 00000000N/A N/A
WEITBLICK 158000260-0.050.030N/A N/A
XANIO PP Beef New 00000000N/A N/A
ZIVET 6991.111.110.741049-0.060.05-0.72.6
ZUBRINGER 298000550-0.0400N/A N/A

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