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A selection of available Beef sires. All sires are suitable for dairy crosses and will be easy calving with superb growth rates

Prices displayed are list prices. Discounts are available for bulk orders. Please contact us for details.

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Bowood GAINSBOROUGH Aberdeen Angus £5.00
FULANO P Hereford (Polled) £8.00
HISAMOTO New Wagyu £15.00
IKARIUS P Limousin (Polled) £8.00
ITOMAYBI Wagyu £17.00
JUNIOR PP Charolais (Polled) £8.00
JUSTIN de L‘Arche Belgian Blue £7.00
Killerton FABULOUS Limousin £9.00
LOYD PP Limousin (Polled) £9.00
Melview GORDON New Aberdeen Angus £9.00
Newpole EDWARD British Blue £8.00
Nightingale QPID R804 Aberdeen Angus £9.00
NORBRECK EASY ANGUS MIX New Aberdeen Angus Mix £9.00
PARKER R Red Angus £8.00
PIROL PP New Blonde D'Aquitaine £9.00
REKTOR New Aberdeen Angus £7.00
SORCIER New Belgian Blue £7.00
Twyning Ash ALLEN British Blue £8.00
Twyning Ash BLUE ENERGY - Mix British Blue Mix £9.00
Twyning Ash FERRYMAN New British Blue £9.00
Twyning Ash JAILER British Blue £9.00
Twyning Ash SUPER 3 - MIX New British Blue mix £9.00
Vingegard SANTOS PP Simmental (Polled) £9.00

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