Autumn Calving Sires

Autumn Calving Index (£ACI) - This category contains all sires across-breeds that are higher than £450 for ACI.

The £ACI is a new genetic index introduced in August 2018. It provides UK farmers operating an autumn block calving system, with a higher requirement for winter feeding and targeting production of around 7,500 kgs/yr, with an across-breed evaluation to highlight bulls suitable for their system. The index has been calculated on its own base and for a specific farming system; so comparison of bulls on the £PLI or £SCI list is not possible.

As with the £SCI, the index has been developed to provide an initial screen tool to ensure bulls used on farm meet specific criteria. It is then recommended specific emphasis is placed on the management traits that require attention on individual farms*. The main features of the new index are shown below.

Relative weighting of traits within £ACI

ACI chart

The £ACI:

- Promotes milk quality with more weight on volume than the £SCI
- Places strong emphasis on fertility
- Selects for reduced maintenance costs
- Improves udder and leg health
- Places a strong emphasis on longevity
- Promotes easier calving
- Protects functional type - Feet & Legs and Udders

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AERONAUT 6472.062.811.766900.010.0710.61.5
ALL.NURE WENDAT 8251.611.560.991056-
BOSVITO New 6031.642.220.415790.
COPYLAND 5911.91.971.19778- N/A
COVERBOY 7191.021.370.567560.
DRAGON P 5150.731.85-0.254130.
FRANCESCO 7762.012.121.434560.
KALINKO 6620.961.420.687880. N/A
MANTEGO 7510.760.80.218610.
MASK RED 6181.511.221.654950.
MAT RED P 5871.031.40.465870.020.045.8-1.1
PARIS 5340.691.570.36379-0.010.0413.81.1
PEAK POKEMON 7441.271.380.577790. N/A
PEAK RAINOW 8101.021.490.78110.20.0592.4
PEAK RING 6471.521.60.978630.110.03-1.53.8
PEAK ROVER 7311.11.820.926420.
PEAK SAIKO New 7020.780.740.487760.
PEAK SUSIC 7651.081.080.646760.
PEAK TOOLATE New 8771.061.170.727340.250.1192.2
PELLEGRINO 6821.242.090.71835-0.03- N/A
POMPADOUR 6640.780.990.567490.
PROMISE RED New 7332.092.261.31897-
PROSECCO 6531.622.140.62841-
RIDERCUP 7571.441.860.718330.
ROCKSTONE 4980.91.380.423470.220.080-0.1 N/A
ROONEY RED New 7321.191.460.669240-
SALAH 7990.891.141.068070.
SMITH P 7130.730.710.616660.
SOLDADO 6361.072.020.228020.020.0651.5
SPEEDY P 7181.391.730.456410.
SPITFIRE 5262.752.572.21778-0.02-
SPLINK 7311.120.860.75520.
STARBOY 7511.191.650.957730.
TIGERMAN 6940.940.691.589150.02-0.019.6-0.7
TOPSTONE EX90 6981.590.921.56971-0.0604.60.4
ZIVET 6950.981.020.671092-0.070.04-0.72.9

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