Sexed Semen

A selection of sires which are available as Sexed semen

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AERONAUT 6472.062.811.766900.010.0710.61.5
ALL.NURE WENDAT 8251.611.560.991056-
AVATAR RED 911.552.171.14135-0.08-0.021.8-0.3
COVERBOY 7191.021.370.567560.
DARLINGO EX96 1051.841.972.58209-0.18-0.03-16.2
DICE RED -2270.441.870.2259-0.28-0.11-11.43.8
DINO PP 4982.291.661.856090.010.07-0.92.0
DORANDO 4811.992.161.61534-
DRAGON P 5150.731.85-0.254130.
FRANCESCO 7762.012.121.434560.
GENERAL 5690.750.81.44870-0.020.04-0.3-0.3 N/A
HADI EX91 6221.321.031.311125-0.12-0.03-1.10.1
HANANS STAR 2401.592.211.581300.090.05-3.12.1
HAWAII PP 4011.060.971.12460- N/A
INNOCENT 4971.611.621.37850.03003.1 N/A
JAMESON 4432.323.20.893270.010.07-7.30.6 N/A
KINGMASTER EX92 3521.892.191.67564-0.13- N/A
LETSGO 4681.82.191.44466-
MANTEGO 7510.760.80.218610.
MASK RED 6181.511.221.654950.
MAT RED P 5871.031.40.465870.020.045.8-1.1
MAZ RED PP New 4962.142.932.174690.
PARIS 5340.691.570.36379-0.010.0413.81.1
PEAK RAINOW 8101.021.490.78110.20.0592.4
PEAK RING 6471.521.60.978630.110.03-1.53.8
PEAK ROVER 7311.11.820.926420.
PEAK SAIKO New 7020.780.740.487760.
PEAK SUSIC 7651.081.080.646760.
PEAK TOOLATE New 8771.061.170.727340.250.1192.2
PEAK TOUCHY New 8711.501.700.797590.140.0393.3
PIANO 4941.171.521.06466- N/A
POMPADOUR 6640.780.990.567490.
POWER RED 2351.572.391.82552-0.16-0.06-2.42.2
PROMISE RED New 7332.092.261.31897-
PROSECCO 6531.622.140.62841-
RANDOM RED New 6621.371.811.11869-
RASTOR P 4012.112.970.72431-
RIDERCUP 7571.441.860.718330.
ROBOCOP New 7151.702.961.43999-0.030.0230.6
ROONEY RED New 7321.191.460.669240-
SALAH 7990.891.141.068070.
SAVE RED 4871.220.471.28756-0.03-0.0540.3
SAY RED PP 4281.961.512.27446-
SMITH P 7130.730.710.616660.
SOLDADO 6361.072.020.228020.020.0651.5
SOLITO RED EX92 5362.863.013.04508-0.02-
SPEEDY P 7181.391.730.456410.
SPICY RED 2622.172.92.02632-0.11-0.13-3.31.5
SPITFIRE 5262.752.572.21778-0.02-
SPLINK 7311.120.860.75520.
SPOT RF 4942.192.051.42708-0.05-
STARBOY 7511.191.650.957730.
TIGERMAN 6940.940.691.589150.02-0.019.6-0.7
TOPMODEL EX92 4661.391.670.64020.140.1322.8
TOPSTONE EX90 6981.590.921.56971-0.0604.60.4
TYSON RED 5471.401.941.235720.020.0300.7
WAY MAKER 3592.032.641.89756-0.10.01-4.62.3
ZIVET 6950.981.020.671092-0.070.04-0.72.9

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