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Anna Barnett - Thursday 8th August 2019





Uno x EX91 Baxter x EX91 Goldwyn x 6 Gens VG/EX Converse Judy family
As one of the UK’s most used sires of 2018/2019, the Mastergen team felt it was important to see how his daughters are developing later in their lactations and how they are maturing as 2nd, 3rd and 4th calved cows. We invited a few customers who have been using the bull to join the team out in Italy to see what makes Secretariat such a popular bull!

His daughters are extremely uniform – wide rumps, excellent rear udders and lots of capacity with moderate stature. The Italian breeders are still using Secretariat heavily and praise the way he has produced such durable, capacious cows that milk better than average and classify well above their Dams.

Secretariat would complement Mogul, McCutchen, Doorman and Atwood/Goldwyn sons.

Personally, I have used Secretariat heavily in our own breeding program at Panda Holsteins, I have always selected bulls based on individual conformation traits and Secretariat is one of the few bulls who excels in certain areas many popular, high-type bulls lack in. We have used his sexed 2M semen several times for flushing and individual matings, with excellent results, including 8 eggs from a maiden heifer and 12 eggs from a 4th calved cow who was giving 58kgs at the time. Bloodlines we have used him on are: McCutchen, Alexander, Goldsun & Atwood.

Panda September Fools Gold (SECRETARIAT x McCutchen)


Sold to Chalish Holsteins and has since made several top placings at numerous county shows!
The oldest daughters we have by Secretariat are currently early in-calf, we are still calving Secretariats on the ground and I am still using this bull in our breeding program today! I have also recently started to show a few of our younger Secretariat daughters, they are so advanced as young calves, carrying a lot more rib, depth and overall capacity above their pens mates of similar age.

SECRETARIAT DAUGHTERS: 1st, 2nd & 3rd at Mid Devon Show:
Panda Scrumptious Halloumi – 1st Junior Calf & HM Champion Calf
Panda Spooky Halloween – 2nd Junior Calf
Panda Silky Hazelnut – 3rd Junior Calf

Molly Westwood, Mastergen & Panda Holsteins

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