Anna Barnett - Tuesday 16th August 2022

The boards and management of MASTERRIND and EVOLUTION International
UALC) are pleased to announce the merger of their international activities.
The name of the new company will be SYNETICS.


Furthermore, MASTERRIND and INNOVAL have the intention to merge their
genetic development in a new European cooperative.

We share the same views and vision for the dairy and beef industry. Jörg Stubbemann, Chairman of MASTERRIND comments: “Realizing that our customers are continuously demanding high-quality genetics, our expertise is to support worldwide farmers with innovative genetic solutions to achieve their business goals, farm sustainability and to enjoy their work and life.”

The group will sell around 8 million units of semen worldwide and will be one of the leading cooperatives in Europe.

By combining the activities of both organisations, we keep our genetic programs very competitive and increase our opportunities in the international markets.

This ambitious project means that:

  • EVOLUTION International and MASTERRIND have created a common
    company for international sales called SYNETICS SAS. EVOLUTION
    International’s current shareholders are still involved in the new organisation
  • Partners and customers will have access to a wider portfolio of dairy and beef
    breeds, goat genetics and associated services. Holstein customers will benefit
    from a better sire line-up with more variety.
  • The dedicated SYNETICS team will work to elaborate a combined offer and
    give our customers the advantage of this great opportunity.
    In addition, MASTERRIND and INNOVAL intend to integrate their genetic
    development in a new cooperative SYNETICS e.G. which will handle Research &
    Development, Breeding Programs, Semen and Embryo Production. For sourcing of
    genetics from North America, the partners have extended the existing INNOVAL
    partnership with Peak.

This exciting new project is supported by very skilled and motivated teams in the countries we are active. Patrice Guiguian, Chairman of INNOVAL, states: “We are very proud about this major step to develop and promote, together with our partners and distributors, European breeding on the international scene.”

The new total organisation will be operational in January 2023. Boards and employees are enthusiastic about this great development for both our organisations and look forward to this great opportunity.

For further information, please contact:

Josef Pott CEO of MASTERRIND (

Jean-Yves Dreau Vice CEO of EVOLUTION (

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