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Anna McLauchlan
Anna McLauchlan - Friday 11th August 2017

The proven line-up of bulls available from Mastergen is going from strength to strength and includes breed leaders for Type, Udders and Feet & Legs.



No 1 Proven Type in Italy / No 7 Proven Type Sire UK/INT

No 2 Proven Udders in Italy / No 3 Proven Udders UK/INT

No 1 Proven Feet & Legs in Italy

Top Italian Sire, All Nure SECRETARIAT (Uno x EX91 Baxter x EX91 Goldwyn x 7 Gens VG/EX from the famous Converse Judy family) was first released to the UK market in April 2017 with a healthy 171 daughters in 75 herds for Type and 373 daughters in 157 herds for production. An increase of 225 daughters in 86 herds this proof run has seen increases across the board for all fundamental Type composites. His Type Merit now at +2.90 ranks him 7th for all UK/INT proven bulls available and udders scoring a staggering +3.06, ranking him 3rd.Feet & Legs also improved to a respectful +1.50.

Daughters are of average stature and ooze power and strength, with an ideal slope to rumps and an extreme rump width, scored at + 2.94.

An additional 285 daughters in 88 herds saw PLI increase from £368 to £411, a £43 increase. Milk increased by 124kgs to +425kgs and fat and protein kgs now score +15.1kgs and +15kgs respectively.

SECRETARIAT is being used successfully in large commercial units throughout Europe as well as being a popular flush sire.

SECRETARIAT is currently available as conventional and as SexedUltra sexed semen.


Daughter: Rondo




No 1 Proven Feet & Legs in UK

No 1 Fitness Index in Germany

No 1 Robot Index in Germany


Top German sire, Heidenskipster BEART (Beacon x VG86 Goldwyn x VG87 O-Man x 5 Gens EX Durham Daisy family) holds on to the number one spot for UK/INT Feet & Legs, with a score of +2.73.

BEART is a bull perfectly suited to robotic milking systems and maintains his status as the number one bull in Germany for the popular and much used Robotic Index.

BEART is one of the highest daughter proven sires for PLI with a respectable score of £552, ranking him in the top 25 which is no surprise based on his fantastic scores for mastitis resistance, lifespan, TB advantage, calving ease and one of the best fertility scores in the UKs top 15 of +13.0.

With almost 8000 daughters in over 2000 herds, any breeder using BEART can be certain of trouble free easy to manage progeny, much needed in today’s busy parlours.

BEART is currently available as conventional and sexed semen.

Beart Daughter Group



No 8 Robot Index Germany

No 10 Fitness Index in Germany

Top selling sire in 2016


Top selling genomic sire MOZARELLA (Mogul x EX92-2E Destry x EX90 Baxter x 8 Gens VG/EX Juror Faith family) makes his debut as a daughter proven sire and maintains figures across the board.

It is no wonder his popularity is so high with such a balanced profile. MOZARELLA daughters have great conformation based on an overall Type Merit of +2.44, Udders are welded on and teat placement is perfect for robotic systems. Newly proven MOZARELLA daughters in Germany rank the bull 8th on the Robotic Index and 10th on the Fitness Index.

Feedback from the field is that daughters are hardworking and easy to manage and are producing good quality milk, reflecting the UK scores for health traits and production, which have remained consistent throughout the transition from genomic to proven. UK farmers are impressed with calf quality and based on the first German daughter proof, are eager to get them milking!

MOZARELLA is currently available as conventional and sexed semen.


Daughter: Emira


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