£SCI – Spring Calving Index

About £SCI

The £SCI is a new genetic index introduced in August 2014. It provides UK farmers operating a spring block calving system, making extensive use of grass and targeting production of around 4,500 kgs/yr, with an across-breed evaluation to highlight bulls suitable for their system. The index has been calculated on its own base and for a specific farming system; so comparison of bulls on the £PLI list is not possible.

The index has been developed to provide an initial screen tool to ensure bulls used on farm meet specific criteria. It is then recommended specific emphasis is placed on the management traits that require attention on individual farms. The main features of the new index are shown below.



The £SCI:

– Promotes milk quality rather than volume
– Has a strong emphasis on fertility
– Selects for reduced maintenance costs
– Improves udder health
– Has a strong emphasis on longevity
– Promotes easier calving
– Protects functional type – 
Feet & Legs and Udder


For more information on FAQ’s on the £SCI click here

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