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MASTERRIND’s new cooperative structure is representing over 9000 farmer members with 700,000 milk recorded Holstein cows covering Germany’s main and most progressive cow areas of Lower Saxony, Saxony and the Weser-Ems region. Furthermore MASTERRIND and its NOG partner currently run the largest Holstein selection program in Europe.

Masterrind exports over 3.3 million doses per year. As an exclusive distributor in the UK, Mastergen can provide its customers with exclusive access to a range of over 200 Holstein sires, including breed leading and world ranking bulls from the best international cow families.

Masterrind also have one of the strongest offerings of Red Holstein and Polled Holsteins in Europe.

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Evolution International

For more than 60 years EVOLUTION International has been the No1 French exporter of bovine genetics, a supplier of advanced genetics for more than 60 years. It has over 1,500 members and they test around 1.8 million cows. Evolution genotype over 3000 males a year – see their elite Holstein breeding programme below:



EVOLUTION is a cooperative located in the west of France. The Cooperative’s aim is to guide and support farmers to contribute, together, through nutritional and environmental challenges at a worldwide level and to ensure the continued existence of the enterprise and livestock farms for the future generations.

They offer over 7 different Dairy breeds including Holstein, Normande and Brown Swiss and over 10 Beef breeds, supported by their long-lasting partnerships with the likes of Auriva (INRA95, Charolais Excellence)) and Crealim (Limousin)

In December 2019, Evolution launched 4 new innovative genetic traits. These 4 innovations are part of a movement towards genetics that will improve the efficiency of your breeding, by an ever more precise adaptation to your system. Please click below for more information

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Intermizoo & Inseme

Inseme and Intermizoo account for Approximately 90% of all sires sampled in Italy are tested through these two AI companies.

Consequently, Inseme and Intermizoo offer an excellent range of top Italian Sires. Their best credentials are the thousands of outstanding dairy daughters worldwide, supported by impressive reliability in the Bull Indexes: a guarantee of professionalism and quality!

We aim to provide outstanding Italian Genetics, as well as to promote the Italian System with updated information and technical support.

Those familiar with these companies will know, “Italian Style” truly means careful research; a high degree of professionalism and continuous breeding innovation. Whilst maintaining their long-standing tradition of commitment to offer stylish, productive cows.

Twyning Ash

Set in 550 acres of grass and arable land it is a family run mixed farm consisting of beef, sheep and arable. Currently comprising of 550 head of cattle (approximately 230 beef cows and followers, which are Limousin cross British Blue or British Blue cross Limousin). The whole herd is a closed herd and has been since 1995.

“From day one we have always seen the importance of recorded figures and this philosophy hasn’t changed to this day making us the longest recording Blue Herd in the country. It has always been our goal to produce meadow quality bulls with easier calving ability and high growth rates, good mobility with length and height. In the 23 years we have been selling semen we have earned a reputation within the AI industry with dairy farmers producing the cross bred calf that the commercial beef producer demands”. (Richard Carter, Twyning Ash)

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