Solito Red x VG88 Army x VG88 Diamonback x 10 Gens VG/EX Dams Goldwyn Lockett EX94 Family
  • No 1 Red Type Germany +151 gRZE
  • No 3 Red Udders +2.73 (UK&Int)
  • No 4 Red Type +2.00 (UK&Int)
  • No 5 Locomotion +2.27 (UK&Int)
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General Information
Herdbook Number:65364205917
A.I. Code:HO7481
Proof Run Date:April 2024
Proof Data Source:Holstein UK & AHDB Dairy
Milk:+659 kg
Fat:+13.0 kg (-0.15%)
Protein:+8.9 kg (-0.14%)
Daughters/Herds:0 / 0 (74% Reliable)
PLI:£224 (68% Reliable)
Health Traits
Lifespan in Days:+101
Fertility Index:-4.2
Direct Calving Ease %:-1.6%
Maternal Calving Ease %:-0.3%
TB Advantage:+1.7
Management Traits
Lameness Advantage:+2.8
Calf Survival:+1.1
Dairy Carcase Index:-0.3
Healthy Cow:+121
Gestation Length:+1.0
Feed Advantage:+24
Type Conformation Reliability 56% — 0 Daughters in 0 Herds
Type Merit +2.00
Mammary +2.73
Legs & Feet +1.87
Stature +1.38
Chest Width +0.02
Body Depth +0.14
Angularity +0.77
Rump Angle -1.51
Rump Width +0.33
Rear Leg Side -0.17
Foot Angle +1.17
Fore Udd Att +3.02
Rear Udd Ht +2.45
Udder Supp +0.40
Udder Depth +2.83
Front Teat Pl +0.29
Teat Length +1.42
Rear Teat Pl -0.95
Teat Pos Side -0.06
Temperament +0.29
Ease of Milk +1.03
Locomotion +2.27
Cond Score +0.09

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